“Thank you so much for creating my logo! I just love it and feel it expresses who I am and the spirit of my work.” – Jeanne Shoaff, Fire & Light Ceramics

“What does one look for in a designer? First, of course, is a compelling design that gets the viewers’ attention. With a website, I also want easy navigation and no distractions. Morgan is expert in providing all of that and more as she did for my websites. She keeps the process straight forward and easy, makes savvy suggestions, offers alternative looks, communicates exceedingly well and is quite reasonable with her fees – all smooth sailing. What could be better than that? And, by the way, she can also design fabulous maps as she did for two of my books. In other words, Morgan knows her stuff. Need I say more?” -David Freese, photographer, PA

“Fortunately when I was looking for someone to help me create a website, a colleague suggested that I contact Morgan Pfaelzer. He said that Morgan was not only a very creative and technically savvy designer who was easy to work with, but in addition, her pricing was very fair. As a photographer and artist myself I thought I knew exactly how I wanted my website to look, but as we proceeded I sometimes found myself changing my mind and choosing to use Morgan’s wise suggestions instead. The entire collaborative process was a very relaxed, positive experience and I am quite happy with the way my website turned out. Already I have received many compliments from those who have seen it.” -Laurie Brown, photographer, CA

“As a busy freelance writer, I knew that I needed a web presence to showcase my bio and writing clips, so I turned to mo*tif to help me create a website. Morgan worked with me to come up with a design that suited the sassy vibe of the sex and relationships articles that I write, offering me multiple options and incorporating my feedback into her work. She also helped me with buying my domain name and all the other technical aspects of putting up a website that I’d otherwise be clueless about! The result was a clear, easy-to-navigate site that has helped me attract new clients. These days it is essential for any professional person to have a website, but I was initially wary of the cost. Morgan designed and maintains my site for a fraction of the cost that some larger web design firms charge. When it came time for a redesign of my site, Morgan took things to the next level, incorporating video into the design for me. Morgan herself is creative, patient and easy to work with. If you are looking for design services that are professional, eye-catching and affordable, you can’t go wrong with Morgan!” -Ronnie Koenig, writer, Brooklyn, NY

“A designer constructed a website for my fine art photography, and after two years with the website I felt that the images were too small and the design was a bit clunky. I recently asked Morgan Pfaelzer for help redesigning the website, and we started a dialogue concerning changes and options. Morgan asked questions and gave several alternate options for everything we discussed. She did a great job of listening to my opinions and concerns, while also voicing her own ideas. Her redesign of my website made it aesthetically stronger, easier to navigate, and more elegant. Morgan was prompt in her replies to my questions, and in getting the work done, and I’m very happy with the work that she has done with my website.” -Dave Woody, Photographer, CA

“A graphic artist extraordinaire! The Women’s City Club of New York, a nonpartisan, nonprofit volunteer organization that has been shaping public policy since 1915, has trusted Morgan with the design of programs, documents, and invitations for almost ten years. In addition to the beautiful artwork she created, Morgan maintained our website, made visual improvements to it and helped develop content. We were sad when she left NYC, but are delighted that we can still work closely together on projects throughout the year. Her service continues to be professional, thorough, accurate, thoughtful, helpful, and very time-responsive.” -Ruth Acker, Past-President, WCCNY

“Thanks, Morgan. It was a pleasure working with you and the maps are all lovely!” -Anne Frej, co-author and photographer of Travels across the Roof of the World: A Himalayan Memoir